Iran's Jewish community in Esfahan: We 'feel at home'.

If you're looking for the Jewish community in the Iranian town of Esfahan, you won't have to search for long.The main synagogue is on Palestine Square, right in the heart of Iran's third largest city.

New ISIS video claims to show child killing Palestinian captive.

A newly released ISIS video shows a child shooting a man the group claims is an Israeli spy.The video identifies the man as 19-year-old Mohamed Said Ismail Musallam,

FBI raises reward for missing ex-FBI agent Levinson to $5 million.

The FBI has increased its reward for information on missing American Robert Levinson from $1 million to $5 million, it announced Monday.Levinson, a retired FBI agent,

French Olympians among 10 dead after 2 helicopters collide in Argentina.

Two French Olympic medalists were among 10 people killed when two helicopters crashed into each other in Argentina on Monday evening, the country's state news agency Telam reported.

Investigators find no unusual signs among MH370 pilots and cabin crew.

Investigators have found no indications of unusual behavior among the pilots and cabin crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 before it took off and vanished a year ago."There were no behavioral signs of social isolation

Did China's most popular environmental film just vanish into the haze?

When it came to the environment in China, it was hazy through much of the weekend -- literally and figuratively.As a thick layer of toxic air blanketed Beijing and much of northern China on Friday,

Russian authorities arrest 4 in killing of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

Russian authorities arrested four men Saturday in connection with the shooting death of a leading opposition figure, Russian state media reported.Boris Nemtsov, one of President Vladimir Putin's most outspoken critics,

Boko Haram purportedly pledges allegiance to ISIS.

Boko Haram, the Nigeria-based Islamist terror group, has pledged allegiance to ISIS, according to an audio message purported to be from Boko Haram's leader, Abubakar Shekau.

Stoned to Death

Amid brazen, deadly attacks, gay Syrians tell of fear of ISIS persecution

MH370: Missing Malaysia Airlines flight 'will be found'

Malaysia's transport minister says he is confident the missing MH370 aircraft will be found in the Indian Ocean.